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A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2
Season No. 4
Episode No. 17
Original Airdate February 14, 1997
Written by Mark Blutman and Howard Busgang
Directed by Jeff McCracken
Guest starring Olivia Hussey as Prudence Curtis


Cory brings Shawn down because he acts very mopey and depressing on a double date with Becky and Rosie, foreigners from England. Despite Shawn's pleas, Cory can't help but to talk about Topanga. Cory's date, Rosie, is very sympathetic about this, and the two hug and cry.

Later that night, Eric fetches Cory from Topanga's empty room and brings him home. Amy tries to comfort him, but cannot agree with Cory's belief that they'll be together forever. Just then, there's a knock at the door. Cory opens it, and a rain-drenched Topanga greets him relieved. Topanga confesses that she ran away, and Alan calls Topanga's parents despite Cory and Topanga's pleas. Cory promises that nothing will keep them apart.


Topanga returns

Cory and Topanga move to the living room and discuss their inability to communicate. They love each other, and they agree that that's all that matters. Shawn enters and applauds Topanga's stunt, but quickly exits when Alan and Amy come in. Amy tells them that they called Topanga's Aunt Prudence who will let Topanga spend the night with her and she'll put Topanga on a train back to Pittsburgh in the morning. Cory immediately gets angry with his mom because he feels like she's trying to end their relationship. Amy, though, says she believes they're still too young to be making such rash decisions. Cory then gives a long heartfelt speech about how much he loves Topanga, and seems hopeful that Topanga's aunt will side with them, but Topanga quickly dashes that idea, stating that her aunt is not a romantic. Cory begs his father, who has remained silent, to help him. Alan instructs Cory to have faith in his mother, and she delivers. Amy says that it would be irresponsible to tear Topanga out of the only environment she's ever known so late in her childhood. It takes a bit, but they convince Prudence to let Topanga stay with her so that she can finish high school. Cory and Topanga go outside while the adults can make arrangements.

Outside, Mr. Feeny tells Topanga and Cory that he believes they're in love. Prudence comes outside and immediately clashes with Feeny, calling him "snappy" and "verbose", while Feeny staunchly defends his 30-plus years experience as a teacher. Prudence agrees that Jedediah and Rhiannon's move to Pittsburgh was not fair to Topanga, and is willing to allow Topanga to stay with her so that she can finish high school with her friends. Cory and Topanga happily embrace at the news.


  • Cory says that Topanga pushed him up against his locker and gave him his first kiss when he was 13; however, in the episode in which this occurred, Cory's Alternative Friends, he was 11.

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