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Arnie Heck
EpisodesB & B's B'n B
NameArnie Heck
RoleGuest at Shawn and Cory's B & B
Portrayed byLen Lesser
Arnie Heck was a guest that stayed at Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews's makeshift Bed and Breakfest. Arnie and his wife were visiting from Boca. Arnie did not want to stay at the B & B at first, considering it "foofy", but stayed because his wife wanted to pick where they stayed for once. He appeared to have a grumpy attitude, but then was shown enthusiastically singing "By The Silvery Moon" by Doris Day with his wife, Cory, Topanga, and the Timmers, displaying a more fun side to him. He comments to Cory that he is lucky to have Topanga.

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