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August "Auggie" Matthews
First appearanceGirl Meets World
Final appearanceTBA
NameAuggie Matthews
RoleYoungest son of Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence-Matthews
Final Status
Portrayed byAugust Maturo
August "Auggie" Matthews is the youngest child of Cory and Topanga Matthews.
220px-Auggie Matthews


Mother: Topanga Lawrence-Matthews
Father: Cory Matthews
Siblings: Riley Matthews (sister)
Grandmothers: Amy Matthews (paternal) and Rhiannon Lawrence (maternal)
Grandfathers: Alan Matthews (paternal) and Jedediah Lawrence (maternal)
Uncles: Eric Matthews (paternal) and Joshua Matthews (paternal)
Aunts: Morgan Matthews (paternal)

Other: Prudence Curtis (maternal great aunt), Bernice Matthews (paternal great grandmother), and an unnamed paternal great aunt who was Alan's sister.


  • Auggie's name was originally Louis, but was changed to Auggie after August Maturo, the actor who plays him.

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