Ben Sandwich
EpisodeEric Hollywood
NameBen Sandwich
Personality ofCory
DescriptionAn arrogant, mean, selfish, greedy, manipulative, conceited and harsh version of Ben Savage who plays Rory on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe
I just saw the way you were acting to the writers over there. I mean, you're just mean!

Ben Sandwich is the alternate version of Ben Savage in the Boy Meets World universe. He is arrogant and mean and plays Rory on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe. He has a brother named Bread Sandwich, who starred in a successful series himself. He often bullied his Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe co-star Schneider, whom he referred to as a "creepy weirdo," a "silent freak" and a "dead person." He is similar to Jack The Jerk. He is very cruel.

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