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Boy Meets Girl
Season No. 1
Episode No. 21
Original Airdate
Written by Janette Kotichas Burleigh
Directed by David Trainer
Guest starring Danielle Fishel as Topanga, Breanne O'Donnell as Hilary, Gisele MacKenzie as Narrator Voice, Gil Stratton, Jr. as TV Announcer


When the class watches a dorky old movie about puberty, Cory declares that both he and Shawn will stay 12 until they turn 42. Shawn, however, soon falls for a girl named Hilary, and Cory has to adjust to his friend's development. Angry at Shawn for missing their scheduled game of basketball, Cory enlists Minkus' help for getting a date of his own out of jealosy.

Minkus does his best to describe to Cory how to find a girl he can relate to, but soon tires and tells him to "just go for the first thing in a dress." However, he soon finds that the only sixth grader wearing a dress is the weird Topanga. Although initially put off by her unusual references to astrology, Cory makes a date for a lunch at IHOS.

When Amy finds out, she is delighted to think of all the fun Cory could have dating, while Alan feels strongly that dating will be as miserable to Cory as it was to him. When confronted by them, Cory semi-explains what's going on, with Amy guessing the rest. Realizing that it was wrong to form the date to catch up to Shawn, he decides to call and cancel. However, he dodges the chance to explain to Topanga, and instead fakes sick.

The next day, Cory decides to help his mom with the laundry, as Mother's Day is approaching. While goofing around throwing clothes into the laundry basket, he answers the door to see Topanga. Feeling sorry for him, she came to bring him banja tea to help him feel better.

Cory admits what he was up to, and Topanga is surprisingly understanding. She stays to help him with the laundry, and they chat about astrology and what to get their mothers for Mother's Day. Later, Shawn and Eric are certain that they ended up having a date after all, which Cory agressively denies at first. After going to Topanga to confirm it wasn't a date, he later admits it to Shawn.


  • In this episode, Cory begins to show real signs of having a crush on Topanga.

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