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Chet Hunter Relationship Eddie Hunter is a Half brother to Jack and Shawn Jack Shawn Step-Brothers Full-Brothers

Chet And Elaine McGinty are the parents of Jack and Charlotte

Chet And Virina Are The Parents Of Eddie Hunter

Unknown Mother and Jack Stepfather are the parents of Shawn Patrick Shawn Birth mother passed away before the series got started whoever the unknown mother is well didn't want to classify who the father is and assumed to be jack stepdad and he well went Missing before the series got started

While Chet got Married Virina she had lots of problems with Chet Alcoholic Ways A Elaine just quit and gave up on Chet because she didn't want her two children to know who their father was

Chet Cheated on Elaine several times with other wife's and hurt her and even thou she's a single parent and never got married and raised Jack and Charlotte

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