EpisodesThe Beard, Danger Boy
RoleRestaurant owner.
Portrayed by[[]]
I'm not greasy. I glow.

Chubbie is the owner of the restaurant Chubbie's Famous. He is played by two different actors, each with greatly differing attributes. In his first incarnation he is a very large greasy man who barely speaks, and when he does he speaks in code. In his second appearance, he is considerably smaller and much more sociable, calling his customers catchy nicknames.


The nicknames he gives people.

Alternate Personalities


  • Originally, the correct, and in fact only, way to order from Chubbies is as follows:1. Approach Chubbie, he will raise one eyebrow 2. Say "Turkey, Chubbie", Chubbie will wipe his nose 3. You then must say "with everything" 4.Chubbie will then stare at you. Wait for him to ask what you want to drink. After that, you're set for life.
  • Chubbie's idea of a diet soda is only filling half the glass as it is "half the calories."
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