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“City Slackers”
Eric Frankie pool
Season 3, Episode 11
Air date

January 5, 1996

Written by

Michael Jacobs

Directed by

Jeff McCracken


Mr. Feeny announces to the Matthews family that he intends to give up ownership of his cabin in the Poconos Mountains after realizing that he has no use keeping it any longer. His public announcement may work against him when Shawn and Cory plan to secretly sneak up to the cabin without their parents' knowledge for some skiing and "snow bunnies".

Once the boys get there, they soon learn that there is no running water or electricity. Mr. Feeny shows up in the middle of the night to pack his belongings in order to sell the place. Shawn bluntly asks him why he hates him, to Feeny's shock, although Feeny tells him he doesn't hate him, but is only on his case because he doesn't like a charming and charismatic individual like Shawn is wasting his potential. Shawn takes this as Feeny calling him a hopeless student, and tells Feeny that he doesn't even know anything about him. Feeny, however, knows more about Shawn than any of his other students, having memorized Shawn's transcript as well as knowing his favorite band, a tidbit not on his transcript. After dinner, Cory accidentally drops Mr. Feeny's watch down the drain. Feeny goes to bed, dismayed, while Shawn stays up reading Feeny's diary, in which they discover that the watch was an anniversary gift from Lillian, Feeny's late wife. They spend the whole night digging through the septic tank to retrieve the watch.

In the end, Amy and Alan are very angry about Cory and Shawn's hide-out plans. But, ultimately, it is Mr. Feeny who bails them out of trouble after he comes to realize that he and Shawn have much more in common than they would have thought.

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