Cleav'age is the place Cory went with Shawn and then Cory decided to take his wedding ring off and started dancing with the girls are known as strippers. And Cory came back home and then Topanga arrived with her friend and Cory was against the wall acting like nothing was wrong. Topanga asked where the boys went and Shawn and Cory said nothin until Shawn had to come clean and said they went to a strip club and Topanga friend was angry at Shawn because Shawn and Topanga friend(Unknown Name) go out and he said no we do not and try to make everything ok but it was chaos. But Cory lied and said he like is it outside because she looks beautiful in the light and Topanga pushed Cory in the room and she was not mad she said she only wanted to know the truth and Cory told her the truth and then Cory said give me some sugar and Topanga walked away. And Cory remember he lefted his wedding ring in the strip club and he went and a striper showed him a bag of ring

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