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Cult Fiction
Season No. 4
Episode No. 21
Original Airdate April 25, 1997
Written by Jeff Manell
Directed by Jeff McCracken
Guest starring Jerry Levine as Philip Mack, Tamara Mello as Sherri, Andie Tecec as Alicia


When Shawn is pressured into thinking about life after high school by Mr. Turner, he is convinced to join a cult, called the Centre, by Sherri, a fellow student. Shawn is totally brainwashed and refuses to leave, despite attempts to persuade him by Turner, Cory, Mr. Feeny, and the Matthews.

When Turner gets into a motorcycle accident, though, Shawn is forced to confront the issue head on. He brings along Mr. Mack, the leader of the Centre, who is not welcomed and is even threatened by Mr. Feeny and Alan. Cory and Topanga then force Shawn to see Mr. Turner in his badly banged up condition, and they make him stay in the room and deal with it. Following a moving monologue in which Shawn talks to God, Shawn exits the room and realizes the truth about Mr. Mack and The Center.


This is the final appearance of Mr. Turner, although the ending implies he survives by showing his fingers twitch. Later, in Graduation, he is referred to as spending time in the hallways of John Adams High just offscreen.

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