Dean Lila Bolander
First appearanceLearning to Fly
Final appearanceState of the Unions
NameLila Bolander
RoleDean of Pennbrook University
Final StatusMarried George Feeny
Portrayed byBonnie Bartlett
I'm Dean Bolander. I've had a rotten morning, and I don't check my mood at the door.
—Dean Bolander

Lila Bolander is the dean of Pennbrook University, and also teaches several classes there. She develops a friendship with Cory and the rest, although it never comes close to their friendships with Mr. Feeny. She serves as a romantic interest for Mr. Feeny, as well.

Series InfoEdit

  • Accepted Eric to Pennbrook despite the fact that he blew off his interview in Learning to Fly.
  • Taught a class, which contained Eric, Jack, Rachel, and Mr. Feeny, in Friendly Persuasion.
    • She suggested that Mr. Feeny becomes a teacher as opposed to a student.
  • Oversaw Stuart's case in Everybody Loves Stuart.
    • She decided to suspend Cory for one day, followed by probation. She also looked into Stuart's role at the college.
  • Officially became involved with Mr. Feeny in Bee True, following a mishap with her ex-husband, Curtis Kincaid.
  • Married Mr. Feeny in State of the Unions, but is never seen again afterwards. She is mentioned a few times in Season 7, most notably in the episode "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs" where Mr. Feeny tells Cory that Lila got wind of the adoption rumor from the produce lady at the grocery store.
  • Though she is never mentioned in the sequel, Girl Meets World, Mr. Feeny still wears a wedding ring which confirms that Lila is alive and well still married to Feeny.


  • She is allergic to bees.


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