Dr. Sorrell
EpisodesHometown Hero, The Grass is Greener
NameDr. (actually Mr.) Sorrell
Portrayed byJim Jansen

Dr. Sorrell was a Chemistry teacher at John Adams High who appeared in only two episodes. Sorrell was known for his shallow nature and other eccentricities. He gave special privilages in his class to people who were popular in school, such as excusing them from class or assignments, but he ignored requests of similar treatment from the less popular students. In Hometown Hero, Sorrell starts paying special attention to Cory Matthews and gives him extra privelages after Corey is believed to have prevented a school fire. But after Cory is revealed to be a fraud, Sorrell reverts to ignoring him again.

Sorrell also appears in The Grass is Greener. First he chastises Eric Matthews for not completing his homework assignment. He is then seen competing in the John Adams High faculty's weekly poker game, which Eric eventually joins in on. This time Sorrell constantly makes things up about himself, claiming to be the principal at one point. After discovering that Eric excels at the game, Sorrell wants to feature him into a 'science fair', actually a trip to Atlantic City. He then gets into an argument with Mr. Feeny which leads him to quit his job.


  • In The Grass is Greener, it is revealed that he is not a real doctor, and Mr. Feeny refers to him as Mr. Sorrell.