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Eddie Hunter is Shawn's and Jack's half-brother who lives at the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park introduced in The Pink Flamingo Kid. He's resentful of Shawn's situation when he lives with Mr. Turner, and believes that Shawn will eventually end up slumming the the trailer park again, just like him and the rest of his family.


  • No mention is made of Eddie or any other brother of Shawn's till Jack enters the show in season 5 as Shawn's half brother. As Eddie's last name is never mentioned, it's not known if he was related to Shawn on his father's (Chet) side or his mother's (Verna) side and thus whether Eddie would be related to Jack or not. Later it is revealed that Verna was not Shawn's biological mother so it is possible that Eddie may not have been related to Shawn either.
  • Due to Shawn's life being changed because of the retcon's, this character no longer exists.

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