EpisodeAs Time Goes By
Personality ofFeeny
DescriptionA noir version of Feeny.
No free words in this town, flatfoot. Talk ain't cheap... but apparently you are.

Fez-Head is the Noir world alternate version of George Feeny, so named for the hat he always wears. He spends all his time with Costello, the alternate version of Alan, causing rumors to be spread about them.

Fez-Head is a very dark fellow, as he is the first to suggest that Trixie\Topanga, whom he calls "the interloper" should be killed, beginning a chant of "Die! Die!" from the angry mob. When the Gumshoe asks him questions, he requires a bribe, but one dollar isn't enough, and he says nothing more than "she got in the way."


The Gumshoe mistakenly calls Fez-Head, "Feeny".

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