Good-Looking Guy
EpisodeHair Today, Goon Tomorrow
NameEric Matthews: Good-Looking Detective
Personality ofEric
DescriptionA good-looking detective
What this world needs is 'Eric Matthews: Good-Looking Detective'.

Eric invents the Good-Looking Guy TV show when he's at home, bored on the couch (because he's a townie) in Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow. Eric invented him because all of the crimes on TV were solved "by old guys, by fat guys, by guys in wrinkled raincoats."

Eric dreams about the opening sequence to his show, where Eric chases a red convertible on foot, swims underwater with sharks, surfs, rides a camel in the desert, and runs from angry natives.

Theme Song LyricsEdit

When a crime breaks out,
All the cute girls shout,
Get the good-looking guy! (Good-looking guy!)
When there’s a crime out there,
He’s gonna comb his hair,
‘Cause he’s the good looking guy!

Note: When Eric first writes the song, he ends with the line "Book 'em, Good-Lookin'."

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