EpisodeAs Time Goes By
Personality ofEric
DescriptionA Noir version of Eric that is a detective, the Gumshoe isn't particularly bright. He narrates the events that occur to the audience.
It was one of those nights. You know the kind: like day, but darker.

"Gumshoe" is the Noir world alternate of Eric. Although his true name is never mentioned, he introduces himself as the local gumshoe. He seems to not understand what "gumshoe" means, and allows his receptionist to stick gum on his shoe. Although he is illiterate, he carries a notebook which he often writes in and pretends to read from. He also narrates, though Topanga is able to hear what he says in his head, and vice versa.

He investigates the murder of Trixie, Topanga's own Noir identity as well as search for clues to her missing identity. In his search for the latter, he steps into a phone booth, ripping down the tape warning that it is in actuality a time continuum vortex.

If only I knew how to read.

On the other side, he finds Cory, who believes him to simply be his drunken brother. He pushes Cory through the vortex and into the alternate world where he confronts Rory and reveals that Topanga isn't dead after all.

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