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He Said, She Said
Season 3, Episode 4
He Said She Said BMW
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Jeff Menell


October 20, 1995

Episode Chronology

What I Meant to Say


Hometown Hero

Plot Edit

Shawn's late for school once again, and the best excuse Cory can come up with is that he has a severe case of "Hong Kong sloth." Turner finds him at home about to order Forrest Gump on pay-per-view. They argue a bit, and Turner sends him to see the school's new guidance counselor, Devon Collins.

Shawn is apprehensive at first, but becomes enthusiastic upon discovering that Devon is an attractive woman. He opens up to her about not feeling school is right for him, and in return she talks about how she took a year off to travel to Spain before going to college. Shawn misunderstands her point and decides to travel to Europe.

Cory defies Shawn's instructions to tell Turner, and Turner confronts Devon. Upon figuring out what happened, he goes to head Shawn off at the bus station, knowing Shawn won't figure out that he can't reach Europe on a bus. Indeed, he finds Shawn with a ticket to Paris, Texas.

They have a discussion, and Shawn agrees to come back home. A nice homeless man who gave Shawn a mango, donated to a homeless shelter by George Feeny, tells Shawn he should listen to his "dad." Shawn agrees and gives the man his ticket.

Meanwhile, Harley Keiner has escaped from reform school. After trying to reclaim his lackeys Frankie and Joey, he finds out that they now work for Griff. He schedules a showdown at John Adams High at noon when the halls are empty, but Griff shows up knowing that Harley won't dare to do anything or else he gets sent back to reform school. Harley then orders his lackeys to beat him up. Frankie and Joey are torn between leaders, and eventually decide to stop being lackeys.

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