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Jack Hunter
First appearanceBrothers
Final appearanceBrave New World
NameJack Newman/Hunter
RoleCollege Student, Brother to Shawn
Final StatusJoined the Peace Corps
Portrayed byMatthew Lawrence

"Eric, your middle name is Randall"

- Jack Hunter

Wee Hawkin Willie

Jack as a noir piano player (Wee Hawkin Willy).


Jack is a half-brother to Shawn Hunter

Series Info

  • Jack appeared in Brothers and spoke to Shawn and Chet. It was the first time that they had spoken in many years.
  • Soon thereafter, became the roommate of Eric and Shawn.
  • Warned Shawn to stop drinking when Elaine left their father, because he was an abusive drunk and that alcoholism runs strongly in their father's side of the family.
  • Kicked Shawn out at the beginning of season 6, and began competing with Eric for Rachel's affections.
  • Began dating Rachel in Road Trip, following his father's death.
  • Broke up with Rachel in State of the Unions.
  • Was kicked out of his apartment in season 7, and began a frantic search for a place to live with Eric.
  • Graduated from Pennbrook & joined the Peace Corps with Rachel.

Alternate Personalities


  • Jack can speak Chinese.
  • Is somewhat smart, but for some reason Eric gets the better of him and occasionally he gets involved in Eric's antics.
  • He holds a degree in engineering from Pennbrook University.
  • Formerly known as "Jumbo Jack", until he started working out to bring his body fat count down to 6%.
  • Jack is a Mac user (Season 7 Episode 16, Seven the Hard Way).
  • Jack loves ice skating, which is one of the few things that he and Shawn have in common.
  • In The Witches of Pennbrook Jack reveals he is from New York City, the same place Cory and Topanga live in Girl Meets World. 
  • He will be appearing in the second season of Girl Meets World. 
  • He is the straight man next to Eric's antics. 


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