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Jack Hunter
First appearanceBrothers
Final appearanceBrave New World
NameJack Newman/Hunter
RoleCollege Student, Brother to Shawn
Final StatusJoined the Peace Corps
Portrayed byMatthew Lawrence
Wee Hawkin Willie

Jack as a noir piano player (Wee Hawkin Willy).

Relationships Eddie Hunter is the Half-brother to Shawn and Jack

Jack's mom is Elaine McGinty but a single parent she never got married to Chet

Elaine raised and care for jack and Charlotte hunter Chet cheated on Elaine 60 times with other wife's in the meantime Chet got married to Virna and had their son eddie witch makes sense

Chet and Virina are the parents of Eddie Hunter

Virna and Elaine were teenagers when they got pregnant Shawn and Stacey are somehow in the middle of this and dont know why

Vrina Elaine left Chet due to his alcoholic ways and kept eddie and jack far away from their father

Series Info

also noted warn eddie too because he's the alcholiclism Jack Warned Shawn to stop drinking and told him the reason his mother left their father, was because he was an abusive drunk and that alcoholism runs strongly in their father's side of the family.

Jack and Shawn are Full brothers and Step Brother's due to an eddie hunter existence

Jack Stepfather is from Ohio and Oklahoma and is born to Shawn and Stacey he kept he's distance far away from shawn because he had to care for Stacey we dont know anything about jack stepfather he's the key to unlock who's shawn unknown mother is he somehow escaped and moved to NYC

Alternate Personalities


  • Jack can speak Chinese.
  • Is somewhat smart, but for some reason Eric gets the better of him and occasionally he gets involved in Eric's antics.
  • Formerly known as "Jumbo Jack", until he started working out to bring his body fat count down to 6%.
  • Jack is a Mac user (Season 7 Episode 16, Seven the Hard Way).
  • Jack loves ice skating, which is one of the few things that he and Shawn have in common.
  • In The Witches of Pennbrook Elaine McGinty reveals that i moved my son from Boston Massachusetts to NYC and 54321 and lived with his step father who's shawn birth father

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