Jack the Jerk
EpisodeEric Hollywood, Episodes on Kid Gets Acquainted With Universe
Personality ofJack
DescriptionAn arrogant, greedy, selfish and mean actor on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe who is very possessive of his role on the show who plays the long lost brother
They got me! This doesn’t make any sense. They got me, why do they need you?
—Jack the Jerk

Jack the Jerk is an actor on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe. He is arrogant, mean, selfish, greedy and is easily angered and continually asks Eric why he's needed if Jack is there. (This is probably a reference to the fact that Jack is the long lost brother on Boy Meets World) He is also upset that he doesn't get his banana at precisely 2:15. As a result, he fired the banana boy and hires the mango boy instead.


Because this character is never named, the title "Jack the Jerk" is non-canon. He is similar to Ben Sandwich

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