Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a town in Wyoming. Although the town's name is actually just called "Jackson," Jackson Hole refers to the valley that Jackson Hole is in. The valley gets its name from trappers who had to journey down the slopes to gain entry, this the name hole, and a famous beaver trapper named Davey Edward Jackson who was from the area.

Relevance to Boy Meets WorldEdit


Cory retires to Jackson Hole

  • In Things Change, Feeny announces his intention to retire to Jackson Hole. Oddly enough, Chubbie's moves there as well.
  • Eric mistakenly thinks that Jackson Hole is in Hawaii, and brings a surf board to Feeny to tell him he intends to go with him.
  • Before leaving, Feeny suggests they throw a going away party for him, which they do.
  • Cory journeys to Jackson Hole to get advice from Feeny because he's messed up his class schedule in Ain't College Great?
    • He decides to retire there with Feeny when he cannot find a solution.
    • Frustrated, Feeny takes Cory back to Philadelphia ultimately decides to stay so he can go to Pennbrook, and later teach.

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