Janitor Bud
First appearanceNotorious
Final appearanceTruth and Consequences
NameJanitor Bud
RoleJanitor at John Adams High
Final StatusSupposedly retired
Portrayed byBob Larkin

Janitor Bud was the one-eyed janitor at John Adams High from Season 2 to partway through Season 3. He had a passion for his job, and would eagerly point out aspects of his work to anyone who would listen. He was found to be leaving work early to gamble on horses; as punishment, Mr. Feeny fired him as a janitor and hired him as a secretary.

Though In season 5 Topanga questions why janitor bud know their dating anniversary, though this is a continuety error because he was fired as a janitor in season 3


Although he is noted for only having one eye, there was no effort to make him appear so. This is likely a continuity error.

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