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“Janitor Dad”
Janitor dad
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date

October 25, 1996

Written by

Jeff Menell

Directed by

Jeff McCracken

"Janitor Dad" is the sixth episode of season 4 of Boy Meets World and the 73rd overall. It first aired on October 25, 1996. It was written by Jeff Menell and directed by Jeff McCracken.


Finally, the Hunter family has been reunited. All seems to be going well until Virna and Chet get into an argument about Chet not having a steady job. He feels that he needs to be with Shawn to make up for lost time. However, he decides to seek employment at the same time.

Much to Shawn's dismay, Chet's new job is being the janitor at John Adams High. After a series of embarrassing incidents involving his friends and classmates, Mr. Feeny lets Shawn decide his father's fate. Hastily, Shawn requests for his principal to dismiss the newly-hired school janitor. However, Mr. Feeny never intended to go by Shawn's decision, and Shawn eventually learns to appreciate the fact that his father has made both him and Virna proud.

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