Jonathan Cumberland
EpisodeEverybody Loves Stuart
NameJonathan Cumberland
Personality ofEric
DescriptionDefense Attorney for Cory Matthews.
Your Honor, Jonathan Cumberland for the defense.
—Jonathan Cumberland

Jonathan Cumberland is an alternate personality of Eric Matthews in the episode Everybody Loves Stuart. Eric uses the name while attempting to defend Cory, acting as his defense attorney.

The name, Jonathan Cumberland, comes from earlier in the episode when Rachel suggests everyone find their "Soap Opera" name by combining their middle name with the street they live on. Eric claims his soap opera name would then be Jonathan Cumberland, despite Jack Hunter pointing out that his middle name is actually Randall.

During the "court scene", despite Dean Bolander stating that it was "not a trial", and telling everyone to not make a big "courtroom drama" out of it, Eric walks in to the room to the theme of the TV show People's Court. It is revealed that the music is coming from a tape player he carries in his briefcase.

Jonathan Cumberland is not very effective in the courtroom. He claims that he wants to be partners with Mr. Feeny, though he states it will be "mostly Feeny" doing the defense. The only idea he offers in the end, is for Mr. Feeny to "play the love card" with the Dean if things don't look like they are going well.


Boy Meets World (Peoples Court Scene) FUNNY00:45

Boy Meets World (Peoples Court Scene) FUNNY

Jonathan Cumberland's Entrance

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