Killer Cory
EpisodeThe Psychotic Episode
Personality ofCory
DescriptionA dream version of Cory that constantly kills Shawn
Die, Shawn! Die! Die! Die!
—Killer Cory

Killer Cory is in Cory's dreams in The Psychotic Episode. He kills Shawn in many ways, and kills Jack, Angela, Eric, and Rachel as well in his final dream. Killer Cory symbolically kills people because Cory is afraid of the change his wedding to Topanga will bring.

Killer Cory's murdersEdit

  • Shoves Shawn down an elevator shaft
  • Strangles Shawn with magic rope
  • Pulverizes Shawn to death with a personalized baseball bat
  • Feeds Shawn thumbtack soup
  • Pours hot lava down Shawn's pants
  • Pulls out Shawn's heart with salad tongs
  • Sets fire to Shawn's tie
  • Shreds Shawn over pasta with a cheese grater
  • Dresses up Shawn as a rooster and enters him in a cock fight
    • Shawn wins, but the crowd cries "fix" and things get ugly
  • Shoves an umbrella down Shawn's throat and opens it
    • Cory says that he "Mary Poppinned" him
  • Shoves Shawn, Jack, Rachel, Eric, and Angela down an elevator shaft

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