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Little Cory
Little Cory
EpisodesThis Little Piggy, Raging Cory
NameLittle Cory
RoleShawn's pet pig.

A pig abandoned at the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park, he was adopted by Shawn and named Little Cory after his best friend Cory. Although he is first colored pink in This Little Piggy, he is later seen to be black in Raging Cory.

Shawn brought Little Cory to school with him and installed a pig-door on his locker. He dressed Little Cory as a student with clothes and a backpack, and Little Cory ate lunch in the cafeteria. When Mr. Feeny started to approach, Little Cory intuitively ducked into Shawn's locker.

Little Cory reappears in the 5th season, during the episode Raging Cory.  He is seen living in Shawn's Closet, after his brother says that not even a pig would live in Shawn's Room.


  • Shawn first finds him gnawing on his Uncle Sal's pegleg, although Sal didn't notice.

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