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Maya Hart
First appearanceGirl Meets World (GMW)
Final appearanceGirl Meets Goodbye (GMW)
NameMaya Penelope Hunter
Riley's best friend
Shawn's step-daughter
Cory's student
Final StatusAdopted by Shawn Hunter.
Portrayed bySabrina Carpenter

Maya Penelope Hart (Hunter in the GMW series finale) is one of the main characters in the Boy Meets World spin off, Girl Meets World.

She is best friends with Riley Matthews and is similar to Shawn Hunter, who ultimately becomes her stepfather after marrying her mother. Like Shawn, Maya isn’t one of the academically brightest students in school. Unlike Shawn, Maya never grew up with her father, yet she still looks to Cory as a father figure, similar to how Shawn viewed Feeny.


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