Maya Hart
First appearanceGirl Meets World (GMW)
Final appearanceGirl Meets Goodbye (GMW)
NameMaya Penelope Hart (later Hunter)
Riley's best friend
Shawn's stepdaughter (later adopted daughter)
Cory's student
Final StatusAdopted by Shawn Hunter
Portrayed bySabrina Carpenter

Maya Penelope Hart (Hunter in the GMW series finale) is one of the main characters in the Boy Meets World sequel, Girl Meets World.

Maya is best friends with Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley and they are classmates in Cory's history class in middle school and later high school. By the end of the series Maya is adopted by Shawn Hunter after he marries her mother Katy.

Maya's upbringing bears some parallels to Shawn:

  • Though they both struggle academically, they are both gifted with excellent street smarts and common sense.
  • They were both abandoned by one parent (Shawn by his mother, Maya by her father) while the other parent is marginally present in their lives.
  • They both looked to a teacher as a mentor and father figure; Shawn to Mr. Feeny, and Maya to Cory, but she gradually shifted her father figure focus to Shawn after they met, but she still regards Cory as a mentor, and even stated more than once that Cory is the best teacher there is.

Maya developed a crush on Cory's younger brother Josh, nicknaming him "Boing", but Josh, citing their nearly three-year age difference (even though he once remarked that she "grew up gorgeous"), initially took little notice until GMW Season 3; he confided in Maya that she is the best friend anyone could ever have, although Maya believed that Riley is more so. Joshua finally admitted that he likes Maya as well, and that he's willing to "play the long game"- that is, they each live their own lives but continue to be out there for one another, to which Maya agreed.


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