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Pairing Off
Season 2, Episode 2
Production Information

David Trainer


Jeff Menell
Glen Merzer


September 30, 1994

Episode Chronology

Back 2 School



Synopsis Edit

After encountering several "boyfriend/girlfriend" pairs at school, Cory tries desperately to ask other people's advice on "how to get a girl to say hi". He wonders what girl would be right for him. After discovering Eric in a compromising situation with his girlfriend, Cory blackmails his brother into fulfilling his wish. However, taking advice from Eric may prove to be a huge mistake.

Starring Edit


  • Eric: Happy birthday, mom. The other one's on layaway. Nothing happened between me and Rebecca.
  • Amy: Why should we believe that nothing happened?

  • Amy: You had the big sex talk with him two years ago. What did you tell him?
  • Alan: Not that. how could you think that?

  • Alan:How could this happen?
  • Eric: Dad, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sor--
  • Alan: For thousands of years, fathers have said to their sons, "don't rush into sex," and the sons have always said, "yeah sure okay."  Well, I didn't understand my father till now.

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