Prudence "Pru" Curtis is Topanga Lawrence's maternal aunt and her legal guardian. She is the sister of Rhiannon Lawrence, the daughter of Rosie McGee-Curtis, and the great aunt of Riley and Auggie Matthews. She believes her sister Rhiannon Lawrence and brother-in-law Jedidiah Lawrence were irresponsible in making Topanga move to Pittsburgh with them before her senior year at John Adams High School begins, and has called Mr. Feeny "as verbose" as he is "snappy."

In A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2, she agrees to let Topanga stay with her in Philadelphia to finish high school despite disagreeing with her relationship to Cory.

In Learning to Fly, she does not let Topanga go on the overnight road trip with Cory, Eric, and Shawn to visit colleges, as she feels it is improper for people their age.


Topanga says that Prudence had never been in love and wouldn't even know the story of Romeo and Juliet. This is an in-joke, as the actress, Olivia Hussey, portrayed Juliet in the 1968 Oscar-winning film version of "Romeo and Juliet".

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