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Santa's Little Helpers
Season No. 6
Episode No. 11
Original Airdate December 11, 1998
Written by Patti Carr and Lara Runnels
Directed by Lynn McCracken
Guest starring Dorien Wilson as Manager, Patrick Cranshaw as Custodian, Jake Sakson as Edgar, Penny Bae Bridges as Lucy, J.B. Gaynor as Tommy

To see the season 1 Christmas episode, click here. Edit


Unbeknownst to each other, Cory and Topanga invite Shawn and Angela to the Matthews family Christmas celebration. Topanga wants to let it be, but Cory insists on trying to get the two together, just as Shawn did for him in season 5. The whole thing backfires, and after Shawn and Angela kiss they run off to the student union to talk by themselves. Angela says she's still in love with Shawn, but Shawn says he's not ready for a big commitment. Angrily, Angela declares that their relationship is and forever will be dead, and storms out.


Eric hurries to make it to the next level before handing out presents.

Meanwhile, Eric takes the job of playing Santa at a local department store with Rachel as Mrs. Claus and Jack as an elf. He's not a great Santa, as he acts oddly towards the kids, such as playing video games instead of seating them on his lap. But when a group of orphaned kids come, Eric becomes very generous and steal presents from his own home. But a young orphan, Tommy, affects him the most.

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