EpisodeEric Hollywood
Personality ofShawn
DescriptionA very shy version of Rider Strong who plays Shane on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe
Sometimes I get shy. People who aren't shy make me nervous.

Schneider is the in-universe alternate version of Rider Strong, who plays Rory's best friend Shane on Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe. He is extremely and freakishly shy, and dislikes those who are not shy as well. He especially has trouble with "Eccentric Topanga", who is extremely social and tries to hug him.

His Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe co-star Ben Sandwich often bullied him, referring to him as a "creepy weirdo," a "silent freak" and a "dead person." Schneider needed the money that he earned from Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe to pay for college and get an education.

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