Shawnzie Hunterelli
EpisodeI Was a Teenage Spy
NameShawnzie Hunterelli
Personality ofShawn Hunter
DescriptionA version of Shawn very reminiscent of Fonzie
Don't handle the merchandise unless you intend on paying the price.
—Shawnzie, on why not to shake his hand.

Shawnzie Hunterelli is the bad apple at John Adams High in 1957. Mr. Feeny detests him and his pranks, happily expelling him because he believes he said "butt."

Although he's a lone wolf at first, Cory's gestures of friendship move him, and he befriends Cory. He hides him twice and breaks him out of jail because everyone thinks that Cory is a Russian spy. He also suggests that Cory find the Wise Man, who can give him advice about returning to his time.

He has his own secret hideout, an abandoned version of Jonathan Turner's apartment, complete with a girl to make out with.

Trivia Edit

  • Shawnzie seems to be a parody of Fonzie.

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