EpisodeI Was a Teenage Spy
Personality ofTopanga
DescriptionA tough, 1950s version of Topanga
Young lady, your hair is far too high. A clear violation of school policy and a hazard to all low flying aircraft.
—50's Feeny

T.L. is a student at John Adams High in 1957 with Shawnzie Hunterelli. Although she acts very tough, she is actually very sensitive. At first, she is threatening to Cory, but later admits says, "I like to go to the zoo and look at the giraffes. And sometimes at night when my friends are all out on dates and I’m not because I haven’t found that right boy, yet, I drown my sorrows in a bowl of rocky road ice cream."

Mr. Feeny always complains that her hair is too high and she should not chew gum.

She becomes smitten with Cory, helping him flee from accusations of being a Russian spy. She gives him fake mustache/glasses and a chicken mascot head as disguises to run from the authorities. At first, Cory's looks give her the "heebie-jeebies," but she grows to like them. Like Shawnzie, she thinks that visiting the Wise Man is a good idea.

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