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The Honeymooners
Season No. 7
Episode No. 8
Original Airdate November 12, 1999
Written by Barbie Feldman
Directed by William Russ
Guest starring Jane Childerhose as Babookie, Mimi Cozzens as Gladys, Michael Dempsey as The Cop, Anne Haney as Madeline Nelson, John Ingle as Mr. Nelson, Paul Kent as Irv, Brian Peck as Ookie

Cory adjusts to life as the Coconut Guy.


After having arrived in the honeymoon suite, Cory could not be more impatient. Everything is just as he'd like it. Topanga's in the bed and they are just about to finally have sex, but the police break the door down. Eric's plans has come crumbling down, and Cory ends up paying for it by spending the night in prison. Of course, that can't rain on Cory's parade. As soon as he and Topanga arrive on their island honeymoon, they waste no time in doing the deed.

The following morning, Topanga waits for Cory near the pool when Madeline Nelson, a nice old lady, begins to talk. She went there with her husband on their honeymoon, and have now decided to retire there. Cory arrives with Mr. Nelson, and he says that back in Philadelphia it is probably snowing and they'd be in class. The Nelsons tell of their grandson and his horrible soccer team that they used to watch in Baltimore. Everyone seems very happy. Even that night, Cory and Topanga have a blast. They have a romantic dinner and dance. Cory irrationally decides that they should live there. The following morning, as Topanga packs, Cory unpacks. She says the plan is unreasonable, but Cory says that he has a plan: coconuts.

Meanwhile, Eric, determined to make up for getting his brother arrested, follows Cory and Topanga on their honeymoon to try to make it perfect. He cannot handle the heat, though, and passes out. He cues music when Cory and Topanga dance. He talks to a spider that he thinks is a bird. He disguises himself as a coconut. In the end, he really does nothing that changes Cory and Topanga's experience. In the end, he gives the natives tips about cooking himself in a huge soup cauldron.

Cory makes a celebrity coconut shack where he carves celebrities heads into coconuts. He and Topanga are very successful and popular, and everything seems grand. The natives (migrated from Ohio) even ask Cory to run for mayor of the island (against Communists). Cory is very excited, but the news is dampened when the Nelsons announce their plans to return to Baltimore because their grandson's team made the finals. That night, Topanga finds Cory sleeping in his store. He had been carving the coconut soccer player that the Nelsons had requested, but Topanga shows him that it was really a coconut Shawn. She also shows him a coconut Mr. Feeny, but Cory can't remember making either of them. Topanga says that she misses everyone, too.

They return home, and everyone is happily waiting. Morgan is upset that Cory brought her nothing. Mr. Feeny warns them of the 12 days of notes they'll need to catch up. Shawn asks them about it, then says it must've been paradise. Surrounded by their friends, Cory says, "Almost."

Cory's Coconut Heads

  • Jay Leno
  • David Letterman
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Howard Stern
  • John Lennon
  • Elvis Presley
  • Shawn
  • Mr. Feeny


  • Many fans believe that while Boy Meets World had a few episodes in the past that were not that great, this one "jumped the shark".
  • Rider Strong, who plays Shawn Hunter, revealed that most of the cast and crew believe this episode to be the worst one out of the whole series. (source)

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