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The Provider
Season No. 7
Episode No. 13
Original Airdate January 7, 2000
Written by Jeff Menell
Directed by Lynn McCracken
Guest starring Ivory Hunter as Football Player #1, John Knight as Football Player #2, Brandon Molale as Rocco


Cory is very excited that he got a job, but he feels dejected when Topanga announces that she also got a job, but a much better one. While Cory attempts to sell magazine subscriptions over the phone from his living room, Topanga is an assistant at a fashion magazine. As Cory attempts to work, Topanga arrives home. Cory could not sell a single subscription, but as he gets some aspirin, Topanga picks up the phone and sells eight. Not only that, but Topanga also got a promotion at work.

A next day, Topanga finds Cory outside the student union, struggling to complete a game of solitaire. She effortlessly makes three moves, revealing an ace, and agitating Cory. He attempts to get away, so as to not get in a fight, but Topanga insists on try to comfort him. He only grows more annoyed, though, because he feels like Topanga rubs all of her success in his face. As their accusations get worse and worse, Cory yells that Topanga killed his spirit, and she leaves in tears. He asks Shawn for advice, and Shawn tells him to go home, lock the door, and not leave until the fight is over.

Cory returns home to Topanga, and their fight begins. He apologizes, but Topanga doesn't let him off that easy. He becomes afraid to speak, and Topanga wants to know why, but he won't say. She says that they need to be completely truthful so they can communicate, and Cory obliges. He says that he knows that she's better than him, but he can't stand that she always shoves it in his face. This is news to Topanga, who feels guilty that she killed his spirit. Cory says he's okay, and they begin to talk about how they love each other. They agree that they shouldn't compete, because one of them will always be doing better than the other. Together, they get on the phone and Cory sells a subscription to Aardvark Magazine because the guy caved to his persistence.


Without his lucky penny, Eric is struck by lightning

Meanwhile, Eric is overjoyed when he finds a lucky penny. He wears it around his neck, thinking it makes him invulnerable and all-knowing. He confronts a football player, Rocco, who is enormous, and calls him gay. Of course, Rocco chooses that moment to reveal that he actually is gay, as are his teammates. When he sees Cory is peril, he decides to give his penny to Cory. As soon as Cory leaves, he's struck by lightning. Indoors. He returns to Cory after he worked out his right and takes his penny back.

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