The Wise Man
EpisodesI Was a Teenage Spy
NameThe Wise Man
RoleA wise old man who waits tables at Slim's.
Portrayed byPat Morita

The Wise Man is the figure that T.L. and Shawnzie suggest Cory seek for advice when Cory tries to return to his own time period. He seems very wise and mystical, as he says Cory's name as though he knows it. He suggests that Cory simply finds a microwave and shocks himself to return to his time again, then immediately sheds his robes to reveal the outfit and paper hat of a waiter. He impatiently asks his customers, "You guys gonna order something or you gonna sit here all day?"

The Wise Man is also a bit sarcastic, as he acknowledges that he exists only in Cory's fantasy and disengenuously shrugs and says "Oopsie!" when Cory realizes that microwaves didn't exist in the 50's.