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Tom Bosley is an actor best remembered for portraying Howard Cunningham on Happy Days, although he's also appeared on the notable TV shows McMillan & Wife, The Love Boat, and Port Charles.

On Boy Meets WorldEdit

  • He is Morgan's father, and he gives her and Cory a 10¢ allowance.
    • Cory says he isn't his father, so Tom takes his money back.
  • When Morgan shows him the headline about Cory being a spy, he calls J. Edgar Hoover (with whom he seems to have a friendly relationship) and has Cory arrested.


  • Although he is credited as himself, Tom Bosley certainly doesn't play himself on the show.
  • It is hard to tell whether or not he's supposed to be Cory's father in the 50's. He acknowledges that Cory's his son, then dismisses the thought just as quickly.

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