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EpisodesSanta's Little Helpers, Resurrection, Can I Help to Cheer You?
RoleAn orphan boy who spends time with Eric
Portrayed byJ.B. Gaynor

Tommy is an orphan boy to whom Eric is his big brother. They spend some time together, and get along excellently. Eric makes Tommy laugh all the time, and Tommy seems to be a bit more intelligent than Eric from time to time (he corrects Eric when Eric mixes up right and left).

Tommy helps Eric pack his stuff and move out from his apartment. He also wants to visit Eric's baby brother Joshua, who gets very sick in the hospital. He urges Eric to adopt him, but when Eric refuses after he realizes he can't care for Tommy, Tommy becomes angry. Nonetheless, he gives Eric one last visit before he goes to another family who adopted him from California.

He appears in the Girl Meets World episode, Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington.

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