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"I don’t sweat. I glisten."

— Topanga Lawrence
Topanga Lawrence-Matthews
First appearanceCory's Alternative Friends
Final appearanceBrave New World
NameTopanga Lawrence-Matthews
RoleStudent, Girlfriend/Wife to Cory
Final StatusMoved to New York
Portrayed byDanielle Fishel


The daughter of two grown up hippies, Topanga began as a odd girl in the same class as Cory, Shawn and Minkus. However, by the time they reached High School, she had become much more of an average teenager. In Season 3, she began dating Cory, a relationship which lasted for the rest of the show. Topanga was initially a guest character with a hippie, eccentric personality, concerned about the world and harmony. In the later seasons, she became one of the show's main characters, transforming from a strange girl into an intellectual overachiever. Throughout the series, Topanga has always expressed her love for Cory, as well as for her friends.


Mother: Rhiannon Lawrence
Father: Jedidiah Lawrence
Spouse: Cory Matthews
Children:Riley Matthews (daughter), Auggie Matthews (Son)

Sibling: Nebula Lawrence

Aunts: Prudence Curtis (maternal)

Series Info

Alternate Personalities


  • "Topanga" is a canyon in California that hippies would frequent. One of the writers got stuck in traffic while driving through there, and decided it was appropriate to the character.[1]


  1. Danielle Fishel Dishes on Her New Fashion Show
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