I've been trying to correct some severe vandalism by user Jack Tyler. I reported it to our admin, Dragonclaws, on May 9, but unfortunately she hasn't been available. Yesterday, I reported the vandalism to VSTF and today I was told that the vandalism could not be verified and that this is a job for an admin. The responder suggested that I might want to try adopting the wikia. Now I don't want to take away the founder's rights, but I would really like to deal with the vandalism and correct the Riley Matthews page.

I'm really excited about the new spinoff series, GMW, and hopefully this wikia can become very active again if/when Disney picks up the series. I've been working on reordering categories (so there isn't any confusion between people searching for BMW episodes, for exmaple, versus the new fans that we'll likely get for GMW) in preparation for *crossing fingers* GMW getting picked up and creating and editing pages based on the news of new characters and casting information that's been released.

So I'd like to offer my help to the founder if she's unable to be on as much as she'd like and hope that we can take care of this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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