Veronica Wasboiski
EpisodeChick Like Me
NameVeronica Wasboiski
Personality ofShawn
DescriptionShawn's girl persona
Shawn, I don't want you to take this wrong way, but you're kind of a babe.

Veronica Wasboiski was the personality that Shawn Hunter assumed when he dressed as a girl for Cory's newspaper column. Unlike Cory, he made a fairly attractive girl, and was asked out on a date by Gary. Unusually, Cory was also attracted to him and offered to carry his books, something he never did for Topanga. When confronted about this, Cory replied, "Well, look at him!"

On their date at Chubbie's, Gary's aggressiveness made Shawn very uncomfortable, even though Shawn repeatedly told him to stop. After attempting to play fooseball, Shawn got so fed up that he shoved Gary on the floor and yelled, "That's for every girl I've ever dated!"


  • Cory wanted Shawn's girl name to be "Janet," but Shawn insisted on "Veronica."
  • Cory invented the last name, "Wasboiski," on the spot from the phrase "was boy."

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