Victor Lasalle
EpisodesThis Little Piggy
NameVictor Lasalle
RoleAn Animal Control officer who comes after Little Cory.
Portrayed byRichard Karn

Victor Lasalle is a sarcastic Animal Control officer, who considers himself way overqualified for his job. In This Little Piggy, he was called to take Little Cory away from Shawn.

He gathered extensive intel on Shawn and his associates before coming to claim the pig. He claimed to have a partner watching the back doors in case Shawn made a break for it, but this is questionable due to his frequent complaints about the low quality of the job, especially that they didn't give him a badge.

He felt sorry for Shawn, and offered to slip him a 20-foot boa from the back of his truck; Shawn refused the offer. When Mr. Turner showed up and claimed ownership of the pig, he didn't question the story even though he clearly didn't buy it.