WWII Cory/Pierre
EpisodeNo Guts, No Cory
Personality ofCory
DescriptionA gallant version of Cory who enlists in the army

A very valiant version of Cory, WWII Cory comes about when Salem's time orb sends Boy Meets World to the 1940's. He enlists in the army to travel to Europe to fight, but proposes to Topanga shortly before he leaves. She accepts.

In Europe, WWII Cory is very lonely. To show this, he plays the harmonica a lot. When he gets a letter from Topanga and reads it in his head, Alan tells him to keep it down because other people have mail. After that, he reads it as a whisper in his head. When the radio announces that the war is over, Cory rushes out of the foxhole before hearing the ceasefire will not start for another 24 hours. After an explosion, his dogtags fly back to the foxhole and everyone thinks he is dead.

After that, WWII Cory gets amnesia. He thinks he is Pierre, the tortured frenchman who speaks perfect French. Throughout his time as Pierre, WWII Cory speaks in regular English. He wants to marry Versailles, a French woman, but regains his memory when Topanga shows up in France and kisses him.

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