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The official shield of Yale University


Yale's campus

Yale University is a private, Ivy League university in New Haven, Connecticut. Notable alumni include Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Dick Cheney.

Relevance to Boy Meets World

  • 50's Eric says he's choosing between going to Harvard and Yale in I Was a Teenage Spy.
  • In Things Change, Topanga is wait-listed by Yale after applying during her separation with Cory, which ended in Starry Night.
    • Much to Cory's dismay, she is later accepted.
  • In Graduation, Cory and Topanga wrestle with the idea of Topanga going to Yale. Cory tries to be very supportive, but really doesn't want Topanga to go.
    • After seeking advice from Mr. Feeny, Topanga proposes to Cory and, although they don't immediately marry, goes to Pennbrook with him.
  • In His Answer, Rachel mentions that she turned down a scholarship to Yale to go to Pennbrook with her boyfriend, who left her to go to Corpus Christi.
  • Amy openly disproves of Topanga's decision, and says as much in Her Answer.
  • In The Truth About Honesty and The Provider, the subject of Topanga giving up Yale occurs in a fight between Cory and Topanga.

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