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You Light Up My Union
Season No. 7
Episode No. 5
Original Airdate October 22, 1999
Written by Allison M. Gibson
Directed by Kevin Tracy
Guest starring Jack Axelrod as Organ Grinder, Lou Felder as Bank Manager, Bill Steveson as Mr. Fenswegler, Jennifer Griffin as Poor Woman, Charisse Lavelle as Teller #1, Scot Robinson as Teller #2

Eric and Little Eric (monkey).


Mr. Feeny recommends that Jack become the manager of the student union, but is miffed that he's chosen Eric to be his assistant manager. Feeny tells him he's preparing them for the world, and Jack understands that Feeny wants him to rub off a little bit on Eric. He reluctantly asks Eric to perform the simple task of depositing $1,700 in the bank, but Eric messes it up. He meets a lonely organ grinder with a pet monkey, whom he says is also named Eric. He says that his monkey is lonely because his girlfriend is in Milwaukee and he can't afford to send for her. Eric decides to loan him the $1,700 so he can send for her. The little monkey is so happy, he does his happy dance. When Eric returns to work, though, Jack berates him for making such a stupid decision. He tells him that the real world is going to eat him up, and they'll never see that money again.

Eric takes Jack's words to heart, and he begins to try to be efficient. He becomes so strict that he won't discount Cory's hot chocolate like he normally does, he forces Mr. Feeny to buy a book he was looking at, and he makes other patrons share stirrers and Sweet and Low packages. Mr. Feeny is dismayed, but Jack things that it is great. He goes to the bank to deposit some money, but is distracted by something. He sees a poor woman pleading with a loan officer to let her payments slide. The officer's manager sees him begin to waver, and refuses to allow the woman's payment to slide, and he scolds the loan officer. Jack sees himself and Eric in the situation, and thinks it is horrible. He gives the woman the money, then leaves.

Back at the student union, Eric is furious at Jack for making the same mistake that he had. Jack says he doesn't care, because some things are more important. Eric doesn't buy into it, and Jack suddenly realizes that Mr. Feeny's idea was for them both to rub off on the other, not just Jack onto Eric. Suddenly, a monkey runs in and jumps on Eric's shoulder, followed by the organ grinder from earlier. He thanks Eric profusely for the money, paying him back, and introduces him to Isabella, Little Eric's girlfriend. He says Eric is a good boy and he shouldn't change. Eric promises he won't

Meanwhile, Cory and Shawn's constant presence at Rachel's apartment become annoying to her. They crash her girl's movie night, eat all of her food, go through her underwear drawer, read her diary, and come and go as they please, because Topanga gave them a key. Rachel calls them on it in front of Topanga and Angela, but the girlfriends are too lenient on them, and Rachel is displeased. They say that they want to be like one big happy family, and Rachel agrees cautiously. As they hang out later, Rachel comes out in a purple lingerie outfit that Cory and Shawn had earlier seen in her drawer. They begin to act like morons, and Topanga and Angela kick them out, taking their key. They apologize to Rachel for not being understanding.

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